What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Split HVAC Systems?

What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Split HVAC Systems?

7 August 2023
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If you want to install a new cooling and heating split system in your home, then you should add hybrid systems to your shortlist. How do these systems work? Why should you consider installing one?

What Are Hybrid Split Systems?

A regular split system provides both heating and cooling in your home. A hybrid system does the same job. However, this system works differently.

Regular split systems have one power source. However, hybrid systems work on a dual-fuel basis. They use both electricity and gas as power sources.

So, for example, a hybrid system typically uses an external electrical heat pump to provide cooled or heated air during certain seasons and in certain temperature ranges. However, when the temperature drops, the system might switch to using gas power to create heated air.

Many systems automate these power switches. They monitor outdoor temperatures and choose the right fuel for the job. However, you should also get manual thermostat controls so that you can choose which fuel source you use at any given time if you prefer.

What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Split Systems?

Regular split systems don't always work completely efficiently in different seasons. While a heat pump is often the most energy-efficient way to run an HVAC system in warmer weather, it can struggle to provide enough heat in your home when the weather gets colder.

If you install a hybrid system, then you can switch between using gas and electricity based on external temperatures. You will use power more efficiently and reduce your energy costs.

If your system automatically switches between these two fuels, then you will always use the most cost and energy-efficient option. You won't have to use more electricity to boost your heat pump in winter or waste gas on cooling it in summer.

You simply switch between the two fuel options when you need to. In warmer weather, you use your energy-efficient heat pump; in colder weather, you boost the heat in your home by using a gas furnace.

Your heat pump will reduce your summer cooling costs by producing much of the energy it needs. However, you can then benefit from gas cost efficiencies in cold weather. You won't need to use extra electricity to boost your pump when it can't access enough warm air to work at full heating capacity.

You get more reliable cooling and heating in your home. Unlike regular split systems which can struggle to do both jobs, a hybrid system works effectively all year round.

For more advice on whether a hybrid system is the best choice for your home, contact local HVAC services.

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