Lighting Repair Services: Why Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out And How An Electrician Can Help

Lighting Repair Services: Why Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out And How An Electrician Can Help

3 August 2023
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Flickering lights and recurring burnouts can be more than a mere annoyance; they might signal deeper electrical issues. Frequent light bulb replacements weigh heavily on your pocket and are a stark reminder of safety concerns that shouldn't be overlooked.

Read on to dissect why your light bulbs keep burning out and the pivotal role of a professional electrician in ensuring your home's electrical safety.

Excessive Bulb Wattage

Light fixtures are designed to accommodate bulbs of specific wattages, and using bulbs that exceed these limits can cause them to burn out faster. The excessive wattage generates more heat than the fixture is designed to handle, compromising the bulb's lifespan.

An electrician, well-versed in power ratings and fixture compatibility, can recommend the correct wattage of light bulbs for your fixtures to prevent premature burnouts.

Faulty Wiring

Flickering lights can be a symptom of loose or damaged wiring. This not only leads to bulb burnouts but also poses a significant fire hazard. The problem can be resolved by tightening the wiring connections or replacing the damaged wires.

The wiring may wear out or get damaged by rodents in the long run. Also, accidents like floods or heavy storms can cause the wiring to corrode.

An electrician can conduct a comprehensive wiring inspection, identifying and replacing faulty sections to ensure a stable power supply to your light fixtures.

Voltage Fluctuations

If your home experiences regular voltage spikes or drops, this can significantly affect the lifespan of your light bulbs. Electrical devices are designed to operate within a particular voltage range, and deviation from this range can result in burnouts.

Fluctuations in voltage can result from a variety of factors, such as faulty breakers, heavy-duty appliances, or damaged power lines.

An electrician can install a surge suppressor device to protect your home's electrical system from voltage spikes and drops. The device can absorb extra electricity generated during these surges or drops, thus protecting your light bulbs from burning out.

Incorrect Dimmer Settings

Installing a dimmer switch can save you money on energy bills, but if used incorrectly, it could burn out your light bulbs. Most types of bulbs require a specific dimming range. Setting the dimmer lower than this recommended range would cause an overload, leading to burnout.

An electrician can help you choose the right dimmer switch for your light bulbs. They can also ensure the settings are adjusted to the recommended levels.

Electric savings take more than just selecting energy-efficient bulbs. To maximize their lifespan and reduce the frequency of bulb burnouts, it is essential to pay attention to proper wiring connections and address voltage fluctuations in your home's electrical system. 

For more info about lighting repair services, contact a local company. 

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