Why You Need An Electrician During Solar System Installation

Why You Need An Electrician During Solar System Installation

27 July 2023
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Solar electricity is an excellent option for many residential properties, and with prices falling on components like solar panels, it is also a great way to reduce the cost of powering your home. Hiring an electrician or solar contractor to install your system is essential, and in many areas, the modifications necessary for the electrical panel require a licensed electrician to ensure you are following the building codes.

Solar Systems And Electricians 

Installing solar panels on your home involves a lot of different steps. The panels are just the first part of the system. While the panels do the work of collecting solar energy and converting it to usable electricity, you need a way to get that power into the house.

Your solar panels and system need to connect to the existing electrical system. Typically, that means an electrician must come and make the connections for you. Most solar system installers have an electrician as part of the team, but there are some instances where hiring an electrician is still necessary.

If you are upgrading your electrical panel or setting up switching gear to incorporate solar power while still using electricity from the utility company, you need to have an electrician do the work. 

Solar Storage Systems

When using solar electricity in your home, you need to set up a storage system to ensure you do not lose the energy you are not immediately using. These systems typically involve a bank of batteries and a controller that monitors the system to ensure it is healthy and full at all times. 

The storage system is connected to your home's electrical panel by an electrician and changes the amount of power it allows through the system by monitoring the demand for power throughout the day or night. The monitoring system helps prevent overcharging of batteries, running out of power, and damage to the home's electrical system. 

The electrician you are working with should have experience with solar system installations and can help you determine the store needs for your home. They may also suggest incorporating specific protections on the system to make it safer and ensure that the electricity flows smoothly from the panels, through the storage system, and into your home. 

System Size

Determining the solar system size necessary for your home and power needs can be challenging. Your electrician can help you look at what is drawing power in your home and the minimum requirements to ensure your solar system is large enough to meet them. 

Once you know what you need, the electrician and the solar contractor can design the system to ensure it works perfectly for your needs and provides clean, renewable energy for many years to come.  

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