3 Signs It Is Time For You To Call A Residential Electrician

3 Signs It Is Time For You To Call A Residential Electrician

25 July 2023
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All too often, homeowners fail to address electrical issues in their homes until they experience a major problem such as an electrical fire. In many cases, the reason that these problems go unaddressed is that a home's electrical system is designed to remain out of sight and therefore also falls into the category of being out of mind as well. This can be a serious issue since electrical problems can result in safety risks and ultimately cause catastrophic damage to your home if not properly addressed by a professional. That is why it is so important that you know when it is time to call a residential electrician to have your home's electrical system serviced. Watching out for the following three warning signs can help you know when to make that call. 

Sign #1: You Have Been Relying On Extension Cords

There is no need to be concerned with the occasional use of extension cords around your home. However, if you are using these cords constantly, either because you do not have enough outlets or because you don't have outlets where you need them, this can be a problem. Extension cords are not designed for constant use and can become a fire hazard if they are overloaded. If you are using extension cords to make up for a lack of proper electrical outlets, it is time to call a residential electrician and inquire about having additional outlets installed in your home. 

Sign #2: You Have Frequently Been Tripping A Circuit Breaker

Your home's electrical system makes use of circuit breakers to prevent your system from being overloaded if you try and pull too much power to a particular circuit. This is an important safety measure put in place to avoid power surges and electrical fires. While it is perfectly natural for a circuit breaker to be tripped every once and a while, this is not a problem that you should encounter frequently. If you find that you are making multiple trips to the fuse box to reset a circuit breaker in a relatively short period, you will want to call a residential electrical contractor to have your system inspected to determine the underlying cause of this problem. In many cases, this issue will point to the need for an electrical upgrade. 

Sign #3: You Have Recently Increased Your Demand For Electricity

Installing a new appliance or luxury item such as a swimming pool or hot tub can greatly increase your home's demand for electricity. Along with this increased demand can come an increased risk of electrical fire if your current electrical panel is not capable of safely supplying the increased voltage. That is why you should always have an electrician inspect your system and upgrade it if necessary whenever you have a significant increase in the amount of power your home is using. 

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