Hire An Electrician To Install Your EV Charger So You Can Charge Your Car At Home

Hire An Electrician To Install Your EV Charger So You Can Charge Your Car At Home

20 July 2023
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When you buy an electric car, you need to find a way to charge it conveniently. You can go to a commercial charging station for a fast charge that can fill the battery in several minutes, but that may not always be convenient. The best way is to install a charger in your home so the car can charge overnight while you sleep. A simple charger plugs right into a standard 120-volt outlet, but it can take a long time to charge your car with this method. Using a 240-volt outlet is better. This is the same type of outlet used by ovens and some clothes dryers. You can probably get a full charge overnight with one of these outlets. Here's how an electrician may do the EV charger installation for your car.

You'll Supply The Charger

You'll need to buy an EV charger for your model car. Consult your manual or talk to the dealership about the type of charger to buy. You can buy electric car chargers at a number of places that sell car accessories. Once you have the charger, you can hire an electrician to install it for you. You'll also need to decide where you want the charger to be installed. They can be put on a wall outside or in your garage. Choose a convenient location since you'll probably be using the charger every day.

The Electrician Inspects The Electrical Panel

You'll need a dedicated 240-volt circuit for your charger. The circuit can be hardwired or connected to an outlet, but the electrician needs to confirm your electrical panel can handle the added load. If you live in a newer home, you probably have a large panel already, but if your electrical system is old, you may need a panel upgrade to add another 240-volt circuit. If so, upgrading the panel is the first step needed in the EV charger installation.

The EV Charger Is Installed On The Wall

An EV charger mounts on the wall and is either plugged into a 240-volt outlet or hardwired directly into the wiring that goes to the electrical panel. Hardwiring might be a good choice since it's a permanent installation option and you won't have a cord to deal with. However, installing a new outlet has advantages too. It's easier to remove the charger and take it with you when you move. Your electrician will either install a new outlet where it's needed or hardwire the charger. The wires from the charger or outlet need to run to the electrical panel, so if the panel is not near the garage, this could be the most time-consuming part of the installation.      

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