5 Reasons Businesses Should Have Generator Systems

5 Reasons Businesses Should Have Generator Systems

26 May 2023
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A commercial generator system can serve as a backup power source — or even the only source of electricity — at a business. You might wonder if your company can manage the occasional blackout or if it needs a commercial generator. Organizations often install generators for these five reasons:

Loss Prevention

The cost of installing and running a commercial-scale generator is not negligible. However, the costs associated with some losses can be dramatic.

Even in a small market, a business like a grocery store could take hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in losses during a prolonged power outage. A store has to dispose of perishable goods that go bad and clean up the mess left behind. Likewise, the store can't sell anything during the outage so that leads to business losses. There is also the opportunity loss from not being the business that's still up and running during an outage because it has a commercial generator system.

Data Integrity

Most businesses depend on at least some digital assets. Power outages always risk corrupting data. Even if you have a high-quality data backup system, there's a risk that a connection will fail at the wrong time when the power goes out. After all, many of the lines that transmit data run alongside the ones that transmit electricity.

Continuous power is a must for any organization that cares about data integrity. Digital systems can detect when they've switched to backup power and start reducing non-essential operations to minimize risk.


In much of the healthcare business, there's no room for power failures. If people depend on life-sustaining equipment, you have to have a robust commercial generator system. Depending on the scale and importance of the care at a location, it may even need redundant systems to ensure functionality no matter what happens.


Businesses also can suffer reputational damage from power outages. If your business has a sizable online presence, it can't depend on battery backups to keep things running. A commercial generator is the best way to guarantee continued operation. While customers might not notice it when you keep the company online, they'll definitely notice it if your business falls off the internet because its servers go down.

Equipment Protection

Finally, some businesses have equipment that can't easily shut down during outages and restart after. In some cases, the equipment could suffer damage from electrical surges when the power comes back on. A commercial generator system will include sufficient load balancing to protect equipment.

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